Rodger Helwig has a new job as a marketing consultant with California Vegetable Specialties, Rio Vista, Calif., promoting its endives.

Helwig was with Oso Sweet Onions, Charleston, W.V., before. Now he works for a company calling itself the largest producer of red endives in the world, according to a news release.

The company produces 4 million pounds of endive annually, and it’s making an effort to raise endive consumption in America, leading the company to bring Helwig aboard, according to the news release.

Rich Collins, founder and president of the company, said the average European eats more than 8 pounds a year, compared to 1 ounce per year for Americans.

To get its word out, the company is participating in foodservice conferences, starting social media accounts, and it redesigned its website,

The company seeks to expand its business by up to 10% annually, especially in the U.S.