Avocados, berries and fresh vegetables rank among the top fresh foods to watch in 2013, according to a new Nielsen Perishables report.

The Nielsen January newsletter identifies five fresh foods to watch in 2013, based on the commodities’ performance over the past few years.

Avocados, seafood, pies, value-added vegetables,  and berries are tagged as the five hot commodities for 2013.

On avocados, the report said expanding consumer acceptance is helping grow the market. In 2012, Nielsen’s FreshFacts statistics showed avocado volume sales expanded 34%, as the average retail price for avocados declined 19%.

“With a large Mexican crop this season, factors are in place for avocados’ momentum to continue,” according to the report.

The volume of value-added vegetables rose 10% in 2011 and 15% in 2012, with another good year expected in 2013.

“Within value-added vegetables, side dishes drove growth with a 16% volume increase,” according to the report. Unique item counts for value-added vegetables rose 11% in the last year, and side dishes posted a 14% increase.

Berries registered an 11% volume increase in 2012, according to the report, bolstered by larger package sizes, according to the report. The 32-ounce package now accounts for nearly 20% of strawberry sales. Volume sales for the 32-ounce package size jumped by 18% in 2012.