The tomato harvest has begun for Oceanside, Calif.-based West Coast Tomato Growers, owners of the Oceanside Pole brand, and volumes are expected to be up this year.

Harvest began at the end of June and should continue through the fall, according to a news release from Vancouver, British Columbia-based The Oppenheimer Group, marketer of Oceanside Pole tomatoes.

Volumes should be up due to increased acreage and a return to the original Oceanside seed variety, according to the release.

“Growing conditions have been ideal throughout the last few months,” Aaron Quon, Oppy’s greenhouse and vegetable categories director, said in the release. “We made a few adjustments in the off season which we believe will enhance our customers’ experience even further. We’re really quite proud to bring these tomatoes to market knowing the effort and expertise that has gone into their production―and having tasted the result.”

West Coast is growing vine-ripes and romas this year.