Octal Petrochemicals is receiving recognition for its work in sustainable produce packaging material.

Octal receives sustainability kudosPolyethylene terephthalate sheet manufacturer Octal, a division of Oman-based Octal Holding SAOC, recently requested an audit from Renewable Choice Energy. Renewable Choice analyzed Octal’s overall sustainability program.

Octal is one of the first companies in the packaging industry to “track and publicly disclose its overall waste, water and carbon footprint as well as an in-depth product-level carbon footprint,” according to a news release.

The audit assessed waste inventory, compared Octal’s products against competitive materials, measured greenhouse gas emissions and water use, said Nanette Gregory, an Octal spokeswoman.

With guidance from Renewable Choice, Octal reports voluntarily each year to the Carbon Disclosure Project and to GreenerPackage.com and conducts a product-level carbon footprint analysis for its polyethylene terephthalate.

The audit showed Octal’s polyethylene terephthalate process uses 67% less energy and results in a 25% lower carbon footprint than traditional polyethylene terephthalate manufacturing, Gregory said.