Ohio State University’s extension service wants to know more about production practices used by greenhouse tomato growers.

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences is conducting a survey, http://go.osu.edu/tomatosurvey, of greenhouse tomato growers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The researchers plan to use the responses to develop best management strategies for greenhouse tomato propagators and growers, according to a news release.

  • The survey plans to probe various topics including disease management and food safety and questions include:water sources used to treat greenhouse facilities to eliminate microorganisms;
  • the use a new or sanitized blade/cutting tools in grafting;
  • if tomato seedlings are tested for the presence of plant pathogens; and
  • if tomato seeds treated with a sanitizing agent or process in the grower’s facility to eliminate seedborne plant pathogens.

The survey requires about 30 minutes and researchers also plan to use the information to assist in development of industry educational materials, according to the release.