Brobee gets crackin'.
Brobee gets crackin'.

Wonderful Pistachio’s is carrying its tradition of edgy marketing into another year.

Following in the spirit of 2011’s TV promo spots that included such trendy and timely spokes-thingies as YouTube sensation Honey Badger and video game rock stars Angry Birds, this go-around enlists Brobee from the trippy kids show “Yo Gabba Gabba” and characters from the Tim Burton movie “Frankenweenie,” according to Wonderful Pistachio’s Get Crackin’ website.

The two ads (viewable on the website) are half of four new commercials rolling out for the fall TV season, according to Adweek.

The $30 million effort also stars disco-era throwbacks the Village People.

Wonderful Pistachio’s owner Paramount Farms ups the ante over previous commercials that featured a dominatrix and Bristol Palin baby daddy Levi Johnston by tying into the Secret Service prostitution scandal of earlier this year (“The Secret Service do it — and get fired for it.”).

The “Frankenweenie” tie-in (shot in 3-D) also will take a turn on the big screen, running in theaters for the next several weeks in a cross-promotion with Disney, according to Adweek.

Stay tuned: More ads are planned to come later this fall.