Descartes Systems Group added access to more than 200 carriers in Europe and Asia with the $3.7 million purchase of Netherlands-based Infodis BV, a software service provider.

The companies announced the deal June 4, with Descartes’ chief commercial officer Edward Ryan saying in a news release that buying Infodis would “add critical European domain expertise and functionality to our existing transportation management suite.”

Descartes, Waterloo, Ontario, offers a logistics technology platform where more than 35,000 trading partners can connect with each other on logistics issues. Infodis will provide a network-based transportation management system that specifically meets European logistics requirements, according to the news release.

With the Infodis technology now available on the Descartes cloud-based logistics platform, customers can access a broader range of transportation management options, including carbon dioxide emission calculations. The Descartes platform allows customers to route, schedule and track delivery resources, pay transportation invoices, and file customs and security documents for imports and exports.

The Infodis software manages inbound and outbound transportation for more than 5 million shipments annually to and from Europe. The company is based in Woerden, the Netherlands, and provides international transportation management systems and services to companies including Sony and Canon.