Cookie Monster won’t be encouraging kids to eat his sweet namesake when they return to school beginning in August.

Instead, the furry blue Muppet will be featured on meshed bags promoting easy-to-peel clementine citrus during the roll-out of The Oppenheimer Group’s “eat brighter!” offerings.

“We view the 'eat brighter!' program as a great opportunity to drive retail sales while also uniting numerous Oppy items in a popular theme,” John Anderson, chairman, president and chief executive officer, said in a news release. “We deeply appreciate the opportunity that PMA has created for us to apply the Sesame Street characters to our products in ways that appeal to the next generation of produce consumers.”

He was referring to the two-year agreement between the Newark, Del.-based Produce Marketing Association and Sesame Workshop through the end of 2016. It will allow produce growers, suppliers and retailers to use the Sesame Street characters and brand without a licensing fee.

The program is open to all fresh produce commodities and will offer an optional tier for companies that want to create a custom campaign to differentiate their offerings from competitors.

The effort is designed to drive consumption of fruits and vegetables among children 2-5 years old and millennial families.

Oppy plans to stagger its roll-out that will include apples, avocados, berries, citrus, cucumbers, grapes, kiwifruit, mangoes, pineapples, plums and peppers.

James Milne, marketing director for the Vancouver, British Columbia-based Oppy, said he believes "eat brighter!" has the potential to create an impact in the produce department.

“There’s no doubt a well-orchestrated approach to this campaign will drive sales,” he said in the release. “We’ve been handed the opportunity to make fresh produce engaging in a whole new way. ‘Eat brighter!’ has transformed the mundane ‘eat your fruits and vegetables―they’re good for you’ message kids hear to something inviting and fun. Perhaps this will ultimately lead to the increase in consumption our industry has been working toward for many years.”

As part of the “eat brighter” campaign, Oppy plans to offer both imported and domestically grown items and support them with point-of-sale signage, retailer and consumer competitions, and blogger outreach, among other items.