The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled that Coral Gables, Fla.-based Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. Inc. should pay more than 300 workers almost $800,000 in damages.

The case focused on non-payment during the periods the workers put on or took off workplace protective gear at the company’s fresh-cut produce plant in Portland, Ore.

The opinion relates to a lawsuit was filed by employees working at the Del Monte’s Portland fresh-cut produce plant from Jan. 1, 2006 to June 12, 2007.

Del Monte Fresh asked the Oregon Court of Appeals to dismiss the class action judgement issued by a lower court, but the court dismissed Del Monte’s arguments that the suit should have been decertified by the lower court and that the company was not subject to penalties because workers were supplied by a labor management company.

Del Monte Fresh could not be reach for comment, but a report on the website said the company has asked the Oregon Supreme Court to review the opinion.