The Organic Center continues public education of organic foods and farming through a recently updated website. The non-profit research and education organization introduced the site at

The website presents research compiied from peer-reviewed resources on organic food to “Bring You the Science Behind Organic”. The center plans to update postings to the website as new research in the organic sector emerges.

“This re-designed website will help consumers, policymakers, the media and scientists access and better understand findings that shed light on the health and environmental benefits of organic practices,” said Christine Bushway, executive director and chief executive officer of the Organic Trade Association.

Key additions to the website include:

  • Summaries of the most up-to date studies on organic issues such as pesticide avoidance, nutrition, and sustainable farming;
  • Monthly interviews with scientists doing cutting-edge research on hot-topic issues;
  • Organic recipes detailing the scientific background of the main ingredients; and
  • A blog about hot topics and areas of organic interest.

The Organic Center also plans to contribute to scientific research of organics in its own projects. The center is currently investigating the effects of organic farming practices on nitrogen pollution and organic fire blight prevention in tree fruit management.