The Organic Farming Research Foundation is accepting grant proposals for its 2014 funding cycle.

Proposals are due May 15, according to a news release from the Santa Cruz, Calif.-based group. About $60,000 in research funds will be distributed in the round, according to the release, and decisions on the applications will be made in November. Applicants will be notified of the results in December.

Since the grant program started in 1992, the Organic Farming Research Foundation has funded more than $3 million in grants for research on best practices for organic farming and food systems, according to the release. The foundation encourages growers, ranchers, scientists, and extension personnel to apply for funding. More information is available online.

Four research projects that were funded with $59,000 in grants in January this year were:


  • Organic seed production and improvement training program for Vermont: Lynda Prim, Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont;
  • Snap beans with enhanced nitrogen-use efficiency for organic production, James Nienhuis, University of Wisconsin-Madison;
  • Developing a pest/disease-free viable organic hardneck garlic seed stock, Fred Forsburg, Honeyhill Farm, N.Y.; and
  • Managing indigenous seed-inhabiting microbes for biological control against Fusarium pathogens in corn, Lucas Nebert, University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore.:
  • Exploring the potential of indigenous seed-inhabiting microorganisms to provide heritable resistance against disease.