Because of possible salmonella contamination, Banner Mountain Sprouts, Elk Grove, Calif., issued a voluntary recall of unspecified amounts of eight varieties of organic sprouts that were distributed to retailers and wholesalers in California.

The sprouts have sell by dates ranging from June 17 through July 6. No illnesses have been reported.

A man at Banner Mountain, who would only identify himself as “John,” declined to say who conducted the initial tests showing possible Organic sprout grower recalls unspecified volumescontamination.

He also declined to say when and where the initial positive results were found.

“We have done recalls before and found it in our best interest to not release any information other than the official press release until our test results come back,” he said.

“We have asked the state lab to expedite the tests.”

The recall press release is posted on the Food and Drug Administration site. It lists the following Banner Mountain Sprouts products:

  •  4-ounce zesty greens;
  •  5-ounce sprout salad;
  • Organic sprout grower recalls unspecified volumes 4-ounce clover sprouts;
  •  2-ounce clover sprouts;
  •  4-ounce alfalfa/broccoli sprouts;
  •  4-ounce alfalfa sprouts;
  •  1-pound alfalfa sprouts; and
  •  2-pound alfalfa sprouts.

The recall states the sprouts are in clear plastic clamshells and zipper bags.

Organic sprout grower recalls unspecified volumesAccording to the Banner Mountain website, the company supplies more than 500 supermarkets including Bel-Air, Raleys, Whole Foods Market, Nob Hill Foods, and Natural Foods Co-op.

The site also states “each crop grown is tested for salmonella and E. coli contamination by Silliker Laboratories. Sprouts are not released until safety conformation has been received.”

Organic sprout grower recalls unspecified volumes