A new guide on electronic data interchange is available from the Produce Marketing Association.

The Newark, Del.-based PMA’s Supply Chain Efficiencies Committee released the “Implementation Guide for Fresh Produce Data Standards and Synchronization” for free download at the association’s Web site.

“Not only will it help you become fluent in the EDI vocabulary that describes the fresh produce business, it will get everyone speaking the same language” said Mike Agostini of Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart Inc, chairman of the volunteer committee, said in a news release.

The guide details attributes defined by global GS1 standards that specifically describe fresh produce items and locations, according to the release. That includes requirements for the Produce Traceability Initiative. The guide addresses best practices for using GS1 standards to synchronize data between suppliers and retailers and provides definitions and examples.

“Thanks to the work of volunteers from across the supply chain, help that is specific to our industry is now available to any fresh produce company that wants to take advantage of EDI, “ Alec Leach of Salinas, Calif.-based Taylor Farms, who co-chairs the committee, said in the release.