UPDATE, Nov. 21: Sun World names David Dever president and CEO.

UPDATED: Pandol Bros. CEO leaving companyDavid Dever has resigned his post as chief executive officer of Pandol Bros. Inc. to take a position with another California agricultural business.

John Pandol, director of special projects for Delano, Calif.-based Pandol Bros., said the company accepted Dever’s resignation with regret and wishes him success in his new endeavors.

The announcement did not include details about Dever’s new position.

“He’s still on the payroll,” Pandol said Nov. 18. “We expect to have our transitional issues wrapped up by mid-December.

Dever should be able to take some off time during the holidays before he goes to his new position, Pandol said.

“One of our decisions is whether to plug someone into his spot or restructure. There’s a lot of talent in our organization and our crew is better at learning that we sometimes think. I’d give it a 50/50 chance that we may go to someone in our organization.”

Dever joined Pandol Bros. as president and CEO in 2007, following Jack Breech who was the company’s first non-family CEO, Pandol said. Prior to his work at Pandol Bros., Dever was executive vice president and chief financial officer for Ballantine Produce Co. Inc., Sanger, Calif.

Pandol credited Dever with restructuring the company’s ownership, saying that Dever aligned product resources and strategic objectives. Dever also restructured Pandol Bros. customer base and developed new profit centers related to the company’s supply chain, which enabled the firm to diversify.

Dever’s efforts for Pandol Bros. also included improving operations of post-harvest functions. The grower-packer also has import and export operations, shipping table grapes and other specialty fruit.