Paramount Citrus has introduced a new grapefruit brand.

Los Angeles-based Paramount expects to ship Texas-grown Wonderful Sweet Scarletts red grapefruit through April to markets in Chicago; Detroit; Indianapolis, Ind.; Columbus, Ohio; and other Midwestern cities, said David Krause, the company’s president.

“Sweet Scarletts is the only branded Texas grapefruit with a consumer campaign backing it,” Krause said. “Wonderful Brands is known for transforming commodities into healthy brands, and we’re looking to do the same thing with grapefruits.”

Sweet Scarletts, like all Wonderful-branded Paramount produce, is a premium brand, Krause said.

“We take great care to deliver quality products that consumers can trust and Sweet Scarletts is no exception,” he said. “Retailers should be able to leverage this with the consumer.”

Both Rio Red and Rio Star varieties are being packed under the Sweet Scarletts label, Krause said. Paramount grows, packs and ships all Sweet Scarletts-branded fruit.

Fruit is being sold in 5-pound bags, 8-pound boxes and loose.

Krause said Paramount has “high expectations” for Sweet Scarletts, but he did not offer volume projections.

Paramount owns 9,000 acres of Texas citrus and represents another 11,000, giving the company a 75% share of the Rio Grande Valley deal.

In 2012, Paramount bought Mission, Texas-based Rio Queen Citrus Inc. and Edinburg, Texas-based Healds Valley Farms.