The Healthy Kids organization is expanding into the apple industry by working with Pink Lady America LLC.

The partnership with the Yakima, Wash.-based Pink Lady should open additional opportunities for apple industry involvement and a larger emphasis on marketing a healthy snack product, according to a news release.

Pink Lady’s involvement fits with the Sacramento, Calif.-based Healthy Kids Concepts Inc.’s mission of developing creative and interactive ways to teach kids about healthy eating, according to the release.

With its trademarked Pink Lady Cares About Kids program, the apple organization is in its third year of working with its shippers to find ways to promote Pink Lady-branded apples and apples in general to more children, John Reeves, Pink Lady America’s general manager, said in the release.

Pink Lady apples expand Healthy Kids partnership with snack fruit“It’s not every day an organization of growers like those supporting Pink Lady America decides to work with a 501C nonprofit public service corporation like us,” Karl Lovas, Healthy Kids Concepts’ executive director, said in the release.

“With 75% of health care cost now attributed to obesity, we believe it’s time to seek out new ways of fighting this problem as it impacts children. Why not look to an association like Pink Lady America which represents a product known for its healthful qualities?”

Pink Lady is also working with the Washington State Health Care Authority in a campaign promoting Apple Health for Kids, the state’s health insurance program for low-income children, Reeves said in the release.