Grower-shippers of the trademarked Pink Lady apples are urging shoppers to check before buying to be certain they’re actually getting Pink Lady brand apples.

Pink Lady apples are the cripps pink variety, but not all cripps pinks carry the Pink Lady brand.

Pink Lady grower-shippers urge label check“If it doesn’t read ‘Pink Lady®’ it doesn’t come with that trademark protection,” said Alan Taylor, marketing director of Pink Lady America LLC, Yakima, Wash.

The label warning is part of Pink Lady America’s educational program, which also appears on the group’s website and Facebook and Twitter to explain to consumers the quality reasoning behind the trademark, Taylor said.

The grower-shipper group also is developing the Pink Lady Heroes program, which will encourage consumers to not only look for the proper stickers, but to report any instances of bogus stickers to Pink Lady America, he said.