Processors are including the variety’s name on value-added Pink Lady apple products, including packs of slices, and the number of those value added products is increasing.

Pink Lady apples have long been known as good slicers because of their texture and slower browning than other varieties after they’re cut, according to a news release from Yakima, Wash.-based Pink Lady America LLC.

But traditionally, Pink Lady apples have not been identified on sliced apple packs. That’s starting to change, John Reeves, Pink Lady America’s general manager, said in the release.

“Our research was showing consumers wanted to have varietal information on the package of slices and were willing to pay more if they could see it on Pink Lady slices, so it’s great to see the trend toward that identification,” Reeves said.

Pink Ladys are becoming more popular in other value-added channels, Reeves said.

Earlier this year, Warren, Mich.-based Everfresh Premier Varietals added Pink Lady to its natural apple juice line.

Pink Lady America expects more juice and sliced products using the variety to be announced this year, according to the release.