The Riverside, Calif. plant of Israel-based Polymer Logistics has introduced the Crystal Clear line of retail ready reusable display trays and reusable plastic cartons.

“We think customers want to be able to see what they’re purchasing,” said Jim Vangelos, president of U.S. Polymer Logistics. “For the shopper, it creates an appealing, convenient and original look at the retail location.”

The Crystal Clear line was developed primarily for fresh produce, but “it’s not one dimensional,” Vangelos said.

The products of the see-through line also lend themselves to expanded branding, he said.

“There are tailor-made wraps that are available at a nominal cost to permit growers and retailers to individually brand the trays and the RPCs,” Vangelos said. “It’s an added benefit.”

The display trays and RPCs offer what Vangelos calls a one-touch approach. Once the produce is packed, the first person to touch the item is the customer, he said.

“We believe that one touch is going to be an integral part of the supply system,” Vangelos said. “We believe Crystal Clear products are the leading edge.”

For retailers and suppliers, benefits include increased merchandising options, fewer out-of-stocks, faster replenishment time, reduced product damage and lower space requirements in the truck and at the store, he said.

Another advantage to the Crystal Clear products is that “every part is completely recyclable,” he said.

The trays and RPCs may be purchased or rented. Supplies are available on demand, Vangelos said.

In addition to trays and RPCs, Polymer Logistics manufactures plastic bins, dollies and pallets.