Posie Packer inks deal with Belgian pipfruit companyA Canadian packaging machine specialist has sold a labelling system to a Belgian packer.

Borgloom, Belgium-based Belorta Sort & Pak Service will use a poly bag labeling machine made by Guelph, Canada-based Posie Packer, according to a Posie Packer news release.

Belorta will use the machine to label the wicketed bags its uses to pack pears and apples.

“The key feature that appealed to us was the ability of the machine to apply two labels on the same cycle per bag — significantly cutting our labor costs of applying the mandated labels,” Dirk Luyck, managing director of Sort and Pak Service, said in the release.

The Posie Packer machine offers an alternative to manual application of labels on poly bags, which are now mandated, Posie Packer’s John Vandergrift said in the release.