Marietta, Ga.-based Prodew Inc.’s new FogMist system for fresh produce, meat and seafood displays helps preserve freshness without leaving visible moisture on products.

Prodew introduces FogMist“Retailers tell us over and over again that the fog-like effect from ultrasonic systems signals freshness to consumers, but the equipment and maintenance costs are unreasonable,” said Itamar Kleinberger, Prodew chairman, in a news release. “We have designed FogMist to provide the cascading fog-like mist that retailers want, at a fraction of the equipment costs and maintenance.”

While the FogMist system is about 25% higher in cost compared to standard misting systems, Kelly O’Brien, international sales manager, said it is about a fourth of the cost of ultrasonic systems used in Europe. FogMist also requires about 1/16 of the water of traditional misting systems.