Chelan Fresh Marketing is the newest The Produce Mom partner.

Chelan Fresh joined The Produce Mom partnership family with the primary goal of marketing the Rockit Apple, which The Produce Mom has promoted on her blog, social media and news segments, according to a news release.

Produce Mom partners with Chelan Fresh“She creates buzz,” Jeff Ryg, Kroger Central Division, said in the release. “Our shoppers are fans and followers of The Produce Mom. I have great confidence in our ability to sell a product when The Produce Mom is talking about it. It’s exciting for me to see so many of Kroger’s valued partners joining The Produce Mom Family of Partners.”

Chelan Fresh invited The Produce Mom to join their Annual Cherry Harvest Tour after the Rockit Apple promotion saw success. The company was glad to have Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom, at the tour.

“We at Chelan Fresh are proud to support The Produce Mom,” Kathryn Grandy, Chelan Fresh Marketing, said in the release. “It’s very exciting to witness the way her social campaigns and consumer marketing style benefit our brand. We have great respect for all fellow members of The Produce Mom Family and we look forward to working with The Produce Mom to increase the consumption of fresh produce.”