Felix Instruments is introducing a meter for identifying produce quality.

The handheld F-750 meter helps operators tell when fruit is ripe, according to a news release from the Camas, Wash.-based Felix.

The meter measures sugars, dry matter and moisture in produce to identify and track ripeness from harvest to sale, according to the release.

In research trials, the meter has been successfully used on apples, cherries and mangoes.

It can measure produce traits including total soluble solids, dry matter, acids and moisture content and the equipment helps determine fruit quality in terms of taste, texture and color, according to the release.

Potential applications include monitoring fruit development, optimizing harvest timing and inbound or outbound lot inspection, according to the release.

Automating fruit sorting lines have proven the usefulness of near infrared spectroscopy technology in the packinghouse and at the orchard level, the equipment can pinpoint ripeness and flavor, key aspects of fruit quality, according to the release.

“With the F-750, producers can harvest at ideal ripeness,” Michael Larman, general manager, said in the release. “It brings the power of instant analysis right into the field and adds up to offering a better product on supermarket shelves.”