Progressive Produce Corp. is heating up the competition a little through a lifestyle monitoring program.

Progressive Produce heats things up with wellness programAs part of its health insurance renewal, the company’s insurance carrier strongly suggested the Los Angeles-based grower, packer and shipper implement a wellness program.

To counter rising insurance claims, Progressive president Jim Leimkuhler started the program, which requires all administrative personnel to wear Jawbone UP wrist bands.

This bands measure steps, sleeping habits and can connect with other apps, making it easier for users to monitor what they eat by recording calorie intake, according to a news release.

Progressive’s goal is to produce a healthier workforce.

“A wellness program makes sense since our industry is all about healthy and nutritious fresh produce,” Jack Gyben, a Progressive business partner, said in the release.

Company controller Jeannie Berger said she effects of the program already. She has seen people moving more and some employees are even parking their cars farther away so they can walk more steps to the building.