A new partnership between RJO Produce Marketing and FoodLink Online LLC is designed to enable retail buyers to access real-time data on produce inspections via a cloud-based purchasing system.

RJO Produce, FoodLink partner to improve servicesInspectors from Fresno, Calif.-based RJO will use a proprietary system on mobile devices to provide detailed analysis and high resolution photos of fresh produce at the time of shipment, according to a news release.

The system automatically uploads the information and photos to the FoodLink network, based in Los Gatos, Calif. FoodLink’s network includes more than 2,000 fresh food suppliers, brokers and transportation carriers, according to the release.

Eric Peters, chief executive officer for FoodLink, said in the news release the uploaded information is immediately available for retailers’ review so they can make decisions before receiving product. He said the combination of RJO’s highly reputable on-site inspection services and FoodLink’s real-time network will allow retailers to see what they are getting on every load before it arrives.

RJO enhances Bird Dog

RJO Produce, FoodLink partner to improve servicesIn an unrelated action, RJO co-founder Rob O’Rourke said in a news release that the company is expanding its patent-pending scoring system. The new Bird Dog Quality Scoring System is billed as a high-tech development for the RJO Bird Dog App.

Bird Dog Quality, abbreviated by the company to BDQ, uses a product scoring algorithm that allows adjustments based on customers’ unique quality specifications, according to RJO’s news release.

Customers establish their baseline, ranking key attributes and weighting their importance. The BDQ score shows them who has the best product based on their specific goals, the release states. O’Rourke said buyers won’t have to wonder if what they are being offered is a real value because they will be able to track information via the RJO database, which provides independent, unbiased information.