The Irwindale Chamber of Commerce and the Environmental Committee honored Ready Pac for accomplishments in waste reduction. Irwindale Mayor Julian Miranda gave the local company the 2013 Waste Reduction Award for Ready Pac’s recycling system.

The Waste Reduction Award raises awareness and education on how to achieve environmentally sound waste reduction in the Irwindale community. Ready Pac director of West Coast operations, Santiago Pacheco, accepted the award and gave a speech on the process behind its recycling program.

“Our recycling platform allows us to see quantifiable results in waste reduction of corrugated, plastics and metals. Once you realize how quickly you can make a difference, it serves as motivation for us to find new ways to implement efficiencies,” Pacheco said in a news release.

The program generates a half million dollars in revenue from recycling. Ready Pac reduces landfill waste by 50% to 75% by using trash compactors, recycling 8,600 tons annually, and employing 70% post-consumer PET for the bowls in Ready Pac Bistro® Bowl salads. The company also uses alternative energy sources like natural gas and solar power to partially operate some of their facilities.