RedLine Solutions has added support for multiple print heads and labels to its Vision System, updating that for users of its RedLine Packing traceability and inventory product.

The prior version allowed for one print head — in effect, one label per box.

“We now support up to five print heads and labels per box,” said Audrey Van Norman, spokeswoman for Santa Clara, Calif.-based RedLine. “This allows packers that need multiple labels per box to do all at once.”

Vision System applies case labels based on automated visual case identification for one box or for stacked box configurations. When a new layout is created, it reminds users to train the system before proceeding with a pack run. Vision System can be started or stopped on any line from a browser interface.

“The main difference is the ability to centrally manage all box labeling needs and deploy vision recognition templates across multiple packing lines to speed up deployment,” Van Norman said.

The new version also enhances reporting capabilities, chief executive officer Todd Baggett said in a news release.