Davis Instruments is introducing remote weather monitoring to help growers.

The Hayward, Calif.-based Davis is releasing Vantage Connect, a low-cost solar-powered system for reporting real-time weather conditions on farms, ranches, orchards and outdoor nurseries.

Remote weather monitoring system introducedUsing cellular technology, the system is designed to provide weather data from remote locations.

It helps agriculture people receive microclimate data from any place with cellular coverage that lacks power or a person to monitor the weather, according to a news release.

The system uploads weather data to the Internet every five, 15 or 60 minutes, and is accessible via smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

Alarms alert growers and ranchers to changing conditions, sending data from the field the moment the change occurs, according to the release.

The information allows farm managers to identify and manage potential problems, including those resulting from frost or freezing conditions, extreme heat, high winds and heavy rain.