Branding expert Roy Spence will speak at a joint general session of United Fresh 2012 and the Food Marketing Institute’s 2012 Retail Show in Dallas.

Spence, co-founder and chairman of Austin, Texas-based GSD&M and co-founder and chief executive officer of The Purpose Institute, will talk about the “power of purpose” May 3 as a primary business strategy to meet employee and customer needs, according to a joint release from the United Fresh Produce Association and FMI.

“Maintaining customer trust is the key ingredient in the food retail recipe for success, and this requires giving vigilant care to the consumer-retailer relationship,” Leslie Sarasin, president of the Food Marketing Institute, said in the release. “No-one is better at spicing up this retailer recipe and sparking new energy for sound business strategy than Roy Spence.”

Spence’s advertising and marketing company GSD&M has helped create some of the world’s most notable brands, including “Don’t Mess with Texas,” Southwest Airlines, Wal-Mart, the U.S. Air Force, BMW, L.L. Bean and the Clinton Global Initiative, according to the release.

Tom Stenzel, president of United Fresh, said in the release that Spence’s enthusiasm for connecting to consumers will resonate with the fresh produce industry.

“The food industry decision makers who will join us in Dallas are looking to improve their businesses and to connect to consumers, and we’re excited to welcome such a distinguished and rousing speaker to inspire produce companies to meet those goals,” he said in the release.