ScoringAg Inc. is introducing a hydrocooling system that integrates food safety features to help stop the spread of foodborne pathogens.

ScoringAg releases field hydrocoolerThe Bradenton, Fla., company says the integrated, charged and ready to run AG-Pack hydrocooler operates within minutes of arrival.

The unit removes field heat from crops and is capable of conducting a kill-step on foodborne pathogens, according to a news release. The unit quickly removes the heat and is affordable for smaller growers, according to the release.

The stainless steel units are constructed with food safety in mind and its design is efficient for cooling returnable plastic containers or lugs, according to the release.

The Hydro-Cooler-sanitizer model 275 uses food grade ice to cool from an on-site ice machine or purchased ice. Model 250 features a 5-ton stainless steel coil water conditioning cooling system.

“Now everyone can promptly respond to food safety preventions within their processes that have inevitably resulted in a potential food safety hazard being overlooked,” according to the release. “Achieving food safety prevention requires taking appropriate steps to prevent problems at every step along the farm-to-table chain. The higher the crop holding temperature, the greater the softening and respiration rate and the sooner the quality becomes unacceptable for commerce.”