Seald Sweet, South African citrus help wounded veteransSeald Sweet International used South African citrus promotions to help raise money for wounded military members and their families.

Seald Sweet recently worked with Norfolk, Va.-based Military Produce Group and the Fort Lee, Va.-based Defense Commissary Agency promoting citrus from the Western Cape Citrus Producers Forum at U.S. Air Force base commissaries in the Florida panhandle and DeCA stores in the eastern U.S.

At an Elgin Air Force Base demonstration, Vero Beach, Fla.-based Seald Sweet presented a $10,000 check to the Fisher House Foundation.

The foundation supports the unmet needs of returning service members and their families, including temporary housing during medical treatment and scholarships for military children.

Seald Sweet generated the donations through selling specially marked summer citrus packages.

Seald Sweet, South African citrus help wounded veteransMembers of the Citrusdal, South Africa-based forum distributed samples of navels and clementines during the demonstrations at Elgin as well as the Tyndall, Hulbert Field and Pensacola bases.

The growers helped educate shoppers on products and growing operations and explained how the fruit’s seasonality complements the availability of domestic citrus, according to a news release.

Produce specialists also hosted product demonstrations in more than 80 DeCA commissaries.

“Our close relationships with our South African citrus growers have enabled us to continue building the category and programs in the commissaries while simultaneously giving back to our service members,” Kim Flores, Seald Sweet’s director of marketing, said in the release. “Fisher House is an outstanding organization and we are honored to have a continued opportunity to contribute to their programs.”