Chamberlain Farms cantaloupes have been linked to a second salmonella strain — Salmonella Newport this time — found by federal officials, who report 30 people in seven states are sick from the newly discovered strain.

Cantaloupes from the farm were originally linked to a Salmonella Typhimurium strain health officials say is responsible for 240 illnesses in 25 states, including three deaths in Kentucky. The farm recalled all of its cantaloupes in August.

The Food and Drug Administration posted a statement about the second cantaloupe-related strain Sept. 13.

“The link was supported by traceback information collected by state officials in Indiana and Illinois, showing that patients consumed cantaloupe bought at stores supplied by Chamberlain Farms,” according to the FDA’s statement.

The onset of illnesses linked to the salmonella strains began July 6 and continued through Aug. 30, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A total of 101 people had been hospitalized from the tainted cantaloupe as of Sept. 13, officials said. The CDC said additional illnesses could still be reported because of the length of incubation time required for salmonella infections to develop.

The news of the second strain in cantaloupes — Salmonella Newport 0807 — comes six days after Chamberlain recalled watermelons because Indiana public health officials found Salmonella Newport 0149 on watermelons still in the field.