The Senate easily cleared a procedural hurdle on June 6 and set the stage for final farm bill passage in coming days.

By a 75-22 vote the Senate invoked cloture on the farm bill. That vote, requiring the approval of 60 senators, brings debate on a bill to a quick end. Senators may have to dispense with one pending amendment to the bill, then try to get an agreement on all the noncontroversial amendments that have been filed, said Robert Guenther, senior vice president for public policy for the Washington, D.C.-based United Fresh Produce Association.

The cloture vote sets the stage for expected final passage of the farm bill, Guenther said. “This will set in motion an end game for the farm bill,” he said.

A spokesman for the Senate Agriculture Committee, speaking on background, said the final vote for passage could occur June 7 or so.

Guenther said the Senate floor debate on immigration reform could begin June 11.