The Senate successfully voted limit debate on an immigration reform amendment June 24, clearing the way for expected approval of the immigration reform bill by June 27.

“Now everybody is going to see how much it is going to pass by to see what that means in the House,” said Frank Gasperini, executive vice president for Vienna, Va.-based National Council of Agricultural Employers.

The “border surge” amendment offered by Sens. Bob Corker, R., Tenn., and John Hoeven, R., N.D., was seen as important amendment to secure Republican votes necessary to pass comprehensive immigration reform, formally called the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.

Cloture to limit debate on the Corker-Hoeven amendment was achieved with a vote of 67 in favor to 27 opposed, with 13 Republicans supporting the move.

Corker said in remarks to the Senate that the amendment includes provisions that must be satisfied before anyone now in the country unlawfully will receive a green card.

Those provisions include 20,000 border patrol agents, $4.5 billion in technology necessary for 100% “situational awareness” of the border and 350 miles of new border fencing in addition to the 350 miles already in place, Additional requirements are for E-verify and an entry/exit visa system to be fully implemented.

“This (amendment) will seriously reduce the amount of illegal immigration that we have in this nation,” Corker said.