Shanley Farms launches Gator Eggs avocado packA new avocado product from Shanley Farms will begin shipping soon.

Shanley Farms’ Gator Eggs single-serving avocado pack, a partnership with Del Rey Avocado, is an egg carton-like pack holding six small avocados, said Megan Shanley, the company’s director of sales and marketing.

Shanley Farms chose size 84 avocados for Gator Eggs because they’re the perfect size for one sandwich, one salad or one snack eaten by itself, Shanley said. Each piece of fruit has fewer than 100 calories.

“They’re intended to target shoppers who find the large avocados to be too much for them,” Shanley said. “Oftentimes avocados get tossed out because they’ve turned brown on their top layer by spending too much time in the refrigerator.”

Gator Eggs cartons are packed eight to a case. The first packs will feature California avocados, with Mexican product to follow by the second half of April, Shanley said.