Food Freshly Germany, a manufacturer of products designed to extend the shelf life of fresh produce, is expanding into North America.

Shelf extender manufacturer expands to North AmericaThe Bielefeld, Germany-based Food Freshly is opening Food Freshly North America Inc., in Toronto.

Food Freshly markets an edible coating product that extends product freshness for the fresh food processing industry.

The company is involved in the research, development and production of the mineral nutrients formulation and Food Freshly specializes in fresh-cut fruit, vegetables, lettuce and potatoes, according to a news release.

The technology is being used in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

“Our expansion to the North American markets is helping us progress on a global level,” Benjamin Singh, president of Food Freshly North America, said in a news release. “Key success factors like high level customer support and individualized solution are now available for North American clients.”

Food Freshly began operations in 1994.