The federal shutdown is affecting numerous U.S. Department of Agriculture programs, and specialty crop growers will see a reduction in Agricultural Marketing Service functions.

According to the USDA, “nonessential operations” at AMS have been shuttered.

AMS operations that could affect the fresh produce industry include:

  • Market News
  • Marketing Orders and Agreements
  • Country of Origin Labeling
  • Pesticide Data Program
  • National Organic Program
  • Specialty Crop Block Grant Administration

“Some information on this site may not be up to date, some transactions may not be processed, and some inquiries may not be responded to until Fiscal Year 2014 appropriations are enacted,” according to a statement on the AMS site.

Other divisions affected by the government shutdown include the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Servicel; Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services; Foreign Agricultural Service; Office of Communications; and Research, Education and Economics.