FOWLER, Calif. — Simonian Fruit Co., Fowler, which marked its 50th anniversary in 2010, has spent much of this year to date mapping strategy for the company’s next half century.

Contrary to rumors, Simonian Fruit’s packinghouse has not closed.

“We just didn’t pack tree fruit this year,” Jeff Simonian, salesman, said Aug. 15. “We’ll begin packing late-season table grapes and pomegranates in a few weeks.”

Picking of pomegranates is scheduled to begin about Sept. 12, he said. The harvest of crimson and autumn royal table grapes should get under way earlier.

“Everything is starting a bit later this season,” Simonian said.

Simonian Fruit is particularly upbeat about its pomegranate deal.

“It looks like it’s going to be a very nice crop,” Simonian said.

Simonian Fruit farmed its stone fruit out to other packers and processors this season to give the company more time for its annual review of crops and to determine those commodities on which it will focus in the coming years. The bulk of Simonian Fruit’s stone fruit volume this season went to Fowler Packing Co. Inc., Fowler, and to Wawona Frozen Foods, Clovis, Simonian said.

“We’ve retained the more popular stone fruit varieties that retailers want and pulled some older varieties due to the natural decline of the trees,” he said. “The orchards we retained are in very good shape.”

By selecting the more popular varieties, Simonian Fruit will enter 2012 “in a stronger, better position,” Simonian said.