Snow Jan. 28 in Atlanta snarled traffic and made it difficult, if not impossible, for trucks to move fresh produce across the city.

Forest Park, Ga.-based Phoenix Wholesale Foodservice Inc., a distributor on the Atlanta State Farmers Market, did not make any deliveries Jan. 29, as the company waited for crews to clear roads, said David Collins, president.

“I’ve live in Atlanta my whole life, and I’ve never seen worse traffic,” Collins said. “Every major artery was plugged up.”

As of early afternoon Jan. 29, Phoenix still had one truck stranded on the side of the road from the day before, and another that hadn’t returned , Collins said.

“It took one of our guys ten hours to get ten miles.”

The last time Phoenix had to take a day off was in 2011, when the Atlanta area was hit by an ice storm, Collins said.