Southern Hemisphere countries should produce 4% more apples and 5% fewer pears in 2014.

About 5.57 million metric tons of apples and 1.48 million metric tons of pears will be grown in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand and South African combined this year, according to the annual estimate from the Brussels-based World Apple and Pear Association.

The association made its estimate during its annual meeting Feb. 7 at the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin.

Southern Hemisphere countries are expected to export about 1.8 million metric tons of apples, 6% more than last year, and 725,000 metric tons of pears, 3% fewer, according to the estimate.

Chile is expected to produce 15% more apples, Brazil 12% more and Australia 1% more in 2014. New Zealand’s production should fall by about 10%, South Africa’s by 6% and Argentina’s by 4%.

Chile’s pear production is slated to increase by 4% this year, but volumes are expected to fall in New Zealand (down 17%), Argentina (8%) and South Africa (5%). Australian pear production should be comparable to last year.