Brassica Protection Products LLC is promising to increase the safety of sprouts through a partnership with a manufacturer with a new type of container.

The Baltimore-based sprout marketer is switching to what it calls the industry’s first tamper-evident and tamper-resistant vented clamshell.

Brassica officials say it has added another food safety measure, Inline Plastics Corp.’s Safe-T-Fresh package, Food and Drug Administration seed sanitation guidances that require 2% calcium hypochlorite and hold-and-release testing of 100% of production, according to a news release.

The container’s tighter seal and the vents allow proper sprout respiration, which boosts shelf life, according to the company. Side vents also help prevent moisture misting or leaking into the container, Brassica officials said in the release.

In the release, Paul Battaglia, Brassica’s vice president of business development, said Brassica is the only sprout company that mandates its growers to be Global Food Safety Initiative certified and use the new tamper-evident container.

“GFSI made us examine every detail of our food safety protocols,” Battaglia said in the release. “That focused our attention on the container in which our sprouts are sold. Eliminating the chance of the package opening and causing cross-contamination is a high food safety priority.”

Battaglia said the new container gives Brassica confidence that its product is less likely to inadvertently open. He said the container provides other labor and material savings benefits to its growers who now no longer have to manually apply a separate safety seal to each package.

“This project was the perfect opportunity for two industry leaders to work together to bring a new level of packaging security to the sprout market,” said Herb Knutson, director of marketing for the Shelton, Conn.-based Inline Plastics Corp. “Brassica Sprout Group, which requires its growers to be GFSI certified, is a safety leader in the sprout industry, and Inline Plastics Corp. is the industry leader in tamper resistant clamshell food packaging.”