Wisconsin, the third-largest potato-producing state, has a new “Potato-Growing Area” exhibit in the Spudmobile, a large, touring mobile home designed to educate people in the Midwest about potatoes and other vegetables.

The “Potato-Growing Area” is the fourth and final exhibit visitors see on the driver’s side of the Spudmobile, according to a news release. It will feature a map of Wisconsin that shows all the areas of the state where potatoes are produced on top of a photograph of a blooming Wisconsin potato field. One region that is featured is Portage County, Wisconsin’s top supplier of fresh potatoes, which grows approximately 17,000 acres of potatoes. Portage County produces just under 1 billion pounds of potatoes each year, according to the release. Langlade, Oneida and Forest Counties will also be on the map. The three counties supply more than 8,000 acres of seed potatoes each year.

“In addition to learning where potatoes come from on this exhibit, people will also be able to get to know some of the growers themselves with their pictures displayed,” Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association’s director of promotions, Dana Rady, said in the release. “It’s important for people to see the farmers who are committed to putting food on their dinner tables every night.”