Stemilt Growers has launched a new late-season premium cherry pack named for the company’s co-owner.

Kyle’s Pick cherries, named for co-owner Kyle Mathison, features Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt’s best cherry varieties, sizes and flavors, said Roger Pepperl, the company’s marketing director.

Late-season cherries are what helped make Stemilt the company it is, Pepperl said. Kyle’s Pick will help remind people of that.

“People used to say, ‘I can’t wait for Stemilt’s late deal,’” Pepperl said. “We still have a competitive advantage that we think is beyond belief, but we thought we had to have a way to market it.”

Hill bings, sweethearts, skeenas and staccatos will be among the varieties packed in random-weight pouch bags that feature a Kyle’s Pick seal. Stemilt also will consider firmness, size and sugar levels when deciding which cherries go in Kyle’s Pick bags.

Stemilt will pack Kyle’s Pick bags throughout July and into early August. The first bags were packed July 8, Pepperl said.

Later in the deal, amigo cherries will be packed in a second Kyle’s Pick pouch bag bearing the title Half Mile Closer to the Moon — so named because they’re harvested from the company’s high-elevation orchards.

Backing up the program will be new videos, photographs, blogs and other materials featuring Kyle Mathison on the company’s website and social media platform, Pepperl said.

“People want to know who grew their food, and Kyle is an icon in the industry.”