(UPDATED COVERAGE June 5) For the first time, Sun Pacific is offering Cuties clementines and mandarins during the summer.

Starting in June, initial volumes are arriving from the southern hemisphere. Summer Cuties, available in 2- and 3-pound bags, will run through October when California fruit starts to come online.

A new package design features the mascot, Li’l Zipper, in sunglasses.

“Summer Cuties will be sourced from several southern hemisphere countries on the basis of the quality of the fruit available,” said Mary Palu, a Sun Pacific spokeswoman. “It is extremely important to us to maintain the Cuties quality that our customers expect, and we will only source fruit that meets those standards.”

The launch of Summer Cuties makes the fruit available year-round in response to customer requests, vice president of sales Barney Evans said in a news release.

Pasadena, Calif.-based Sun Pacific has established Cuties licensed distribution centers in Vineland, N.J., and Long Beach, Calif., to inspect and pack the fruit.