Sun World International LLC has licensed two Latin American companies to grow its grapes.

Mexico’s Grupo Alta and Peru’s Camposol S.A. have been granted rights to grow proprietary Sun World varieties in their respective countries, according to a news release from Bakersfield, Calif.-based Sun World.

Grupo Alta and Camposol S.A. also can distribute and market the Sun World grapes and use Sun World’s brands.

“Grupo Alta’s specific attention to producing and marketing quality fruit makes them a compelling partner and a great addition to the Sun World licensing family,” Sun World’s executive vice president, David Marguleas, said in the release. “Camposol’s broad-based involvement in the Peruvian fruit industry and its singular commitment to grape production in Peru’s Piura region will bring even greater strength to our aim for truly year-round supply capability.”

Sun World has licensed its grape and other fruit varieties to more than 1,000 grower-shippers and marketers around the world.