BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Sun World International LLC has crafted a high-value reputation with its proprietary grape varieties, but in 2013, the company plans to stand out — and stand up — with packaging innovations.

Marketing manager Natalie Erlendson said this spring’s grape crop from Sun World will be available in two new stand-up bags. One is the high graphic pouch bag with a grab-and-go handle, and the other is a slider bag made with cast polypropylene.

“Packaging can really drive impulse purchases,” she said, Feb. 13.

Both bags feature high clarity film, showing the product inside, and offer more effective merchandising with the ability to stand up, she said.

Erlendson said Sun World will continue to offer its branded varieties this year, which offer retailers proprietary grapes for the domestic season. Varieties in the mix include the green Superior Seedless and black Midnight Beauty.

In addition, Sun World’s newer late-season green grape, AutumnCrisp, should produce about 50,000 boxes this fall, double last year’s crop, Erlendson said, and it will make available a new black seedless variety, which should be named later this year.

Scarlotta Seedless, the company’s popular red grape, is available October through December.

Sun World also has new graphics for its bins in its pepper line. It will offer both high-graphic and value style 2-foot bulk bins, which are designed for high volume, high turn promotions. And Sun World has a half-bin format, Erlendson said.