Sunkist Growers Inc. is promoting its cara cara navel oranges with a video contest whose prizes include cash and coupons.

Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based Sunkist has established a website for consumers to enter the contest, dubbed “The Power Orange Challenge.” The deadline to submit a video is March 3.

Ten first-place winners will receive $120 each. Fifty second-place finishers will get a $5 Sunkist coupon and a citrus peeler.

Judging is to be based on entertainment value, originality and production quality. The videos must include two of the following themes:


  • Cara caras are orange outside and pink inside;
  • The fruit is seedless and easy to peel;
  • It is a hybrid of navel oranges and not related to grapefruit;
  • The fruit offers 150% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C; and
  • Sweet and juicy flavor.


“This is the perfect time of year to discover…cara cara,” Leland Wong, director of marketing, said in a news release. “(It is an) opportunity for consumers to share their taste experience with others.”

Cara caras are grown in California and Arizona.