Vidalia onions aren’t scheduled to start shipping until April 21, but Sweet Vidalia Carrots from Curry & Co. are available now with promotable volumes anticipated until June.

The same unique soil in Georgia that produces the state’s trademarked Vidalia onions creates a sweet, full-flavored carrot, Curry & Co., Brooks, Ore., said in its February update on the Sweet Vidalia Carrot.

Cold weather that has some onion growers in the region concerned was just what the 450 acres of carrots needed, according to the update. Curry & Co. began marketing the Sweet Vidalia Carrots brand carrots in 2011. They are available in 1-pound, 2-pound, 3-pound and 5-pound consumer bags and 25- and 50-pound bulk containers.

Curry & Co. staff plan to show the carrots at the Southeast Produce Council show in Orlando, Feb. 27-31.