U.S. sweet cherry production fell 22% in 2013.

About 331,520 tons of sweet cherries were produced last year, according to a March 17 report (http://tinyurl.com/qhcefeq)from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Cold weather, heavy rains and other adverse weather limited production in Washington, California and other cherry growing areas in 2013.

In industry leader Washington, production fell from 264,000 to 169,000 tons. California’s production dropped from 92,300 to 82,000 tons and Oregon’s from 56,000 to 52,000 tons.

In Michigan, which was devastated in 2012 by late freezes, production rose from 4,250 to 22,900 tons.

Prices for fresh sweet cherries in 2013 rose as volumes fell, according to the report. Washington fruit averaged $3,190 per ton, up from $2,140. California prices increased from $3,270 to $3,730 per ton and Oregon prices from $1,517 to $2,500 per ton.

Michigan prices fell from $4,280 to $2,290 per ton.