(UPDATED COVERAGE, Aug. 10) Salad Smarts, a new fall promotion by Tanimura & Antle, supports two school nutrition initiatives: Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools in the U.S. and Freggie Children’s Programs in Canada.

The promotion appears on the Salinas, Calif.-based grower-shipper’s Artisan lettuce packages and a website http://artisanlettuce.com.

When the campaign ends Oct. 31, Tanimura & Antle plans to donate money to the United Fresh Foundation, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association and the School Nutrition Association.

“The amount will reflect how well sales did during the period,” said Rick Antle, chief executive officer. “It’s to raise awareness of those programs and of our product. Getting trial of products is the key to success.”

Tanimura & Antle plans to back Salad Smarts’ launch with an Aug. 18 appearance on Lifetime Television’s “The Balancing Act.” The program segment, “From the Earth to the Plate — Creating the Perfect Salad,” features Antle offering salad and meal tips and recipes, and an Artisan harvest. A preview is at www.taproduce.com/consumer/index.php, and the segment airs again Sept. 15.

Antle said the number of school districts getting salad bars under Let’s Move Salads Bars to Schools has been surprisingly small.

“It’s been discussed openly for many months, but what amazed me is that only 800 or so have been put in schools,” Antle said. “I expected more, and Salad Smarts is just another way to make people aware.

“The biggest need is to get the message out to the public that these programs exist and that to be a beneficiary, your school district has got to sign up,” he said.

The United Fresh Produce Association is one of the campaign’s founding partners. During the past year, about 800 schools have received salad bars, and more than 500 have applied but await funding, said Lorelei DiSogra, vice president of nutrition and health at United Fresh.

“We appreciate Tanimura & Antle’s leadership in the produce department to engage the public in our efforts to support healthier school meals and providing essential cafeteria equipment, like salad bars, to schools,” DiSogra said in a news release.

Besides packaging and the website, the Salad Smarts promotion will appear on in-store graphics and in print and online trade publications.

Freggie Children’s Programs, designed by CPMA, teach children about the importance of eating produce. The Tanimura & Antle donation will support its activities and help provide materials for school programs.